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Examples of how an exercise program prescribed by our exercise physiologists will benefit you

Sports performance (land & water based) – All of our team are qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists. This provides us with the tools to not only prevent the occurrence and rehabilitate injuries but also improve sporting and athletic performance. Performance enhancement can take many different forms and include a multitude of different training aspects including strength, plyometrics, fitness, mobility, flexibility, and joint stability to improve movement patterns, force development, muscle activation and firing patterns, functional strength and power, speed, agility, and endurance to enhance your athletic performance and harness your full capabilities. Our team is able to individually tailor an exercise program to help you improve any performance aspects required and achieve your goals.

Injury prevention & rehabilitation –  Our exercise physiologists can help you to reduce the risk of suffering a musculoskeletal injury, as well as manage and rehabilitate any injuries that have already occurred. Exercise physiologists are trained to take a holistic approach to injury management; aiming to not only treat an injury but help identify the underlying causes of the injury and other areas of the body that injury might be affecting. Feel free to ask us why we prescribe each exercise so this knowledge can be passed on to you.

Muscle imbalances and altered weight bearing – are some of the leading causes of musculoskeletal injury in sports, recreational activities and activities of daily living.

Correct muscle activation and balance between them ensures that joints are moving correctly, muscles are working under correct loads and producing forces in the correct directions. Ensuring there is correct muscle balance between left and right, anterior and posterior as well as upper and lower body greatly reduces your injury risk.

Previous injuries and chronic muscle imbalances can lead to left and right sided imbalances, greatly increasing the chance of overuse related injuries in the prominent limb. Through functional testing and analysis, we can help you ensure that correct muscle balance.

Lifestyle enhancements – Exercise Physiology is for everyone! Our team can help you feel better and train more effectively. Whether you are inactive or always on the go, we can help to enhance your lifestyle and improve how you feel. An exercise program and physical activity can help to increase your energy levels, improve your mood, reduce stress, and improve overall physical and mental wellbeing. Physical activity is a huge aspect of well-being and our exercise physiologists can help you implement a safe, smart and effective program to improve your quality of life.

Postural analysis  – can have a large impact in reducing your risk of developing acute and chronic pain and injuries. A correct posture ensures all joints are correctly aligned and balanced, evenly bearing the weight placed through them. Poor posture can increase your risk of conditions such as osteoarthritis, migraines, chronic neck pain, shoulder impingement, back pain, sciatica, and knee pain, to list a few. Our team has the tools to identify postural issues and prescribe an exercise program tailored to manage them.

Gait analysis – is important in identifying underlying issues in your gait pattern which can lead to overuse or repetitive injury. Making sure your gait is even and correct ensures correct forces are being placed through your joints, muscles, and ligaments with every step. Our team is well versed in ensuring that you are walking correctly and no joints, muscles, or ligaments are incorrectly stressed.

Return-to-work – All of the Physically Active team are accredited and registered with WorkCover Queensland to provide workplace rehabilitation and return-to-work services. We understand that a quicker return to work results in highly improved long-term outcomes. Our exercise physiologists work to reduce the return-to-work time, decrease the risk of injury recurrence, improve physical and mental work conditioning in preparation for your return, improve manual handling and work task techniques, and provide safe progression back into full work duties. Our team uses a science-based approach, with measurable treatment outcomes to effectively guide and prescribe treatment as well as track your improvements.

Disabilities – Our exercise physiologists are available to assist in the management and treatment of a wide range of physical and psychological disabilities. The National Disability Insurance Scheme has resulted in greater freedom of choice and availability in treatment options and providers, resulting in a better chance of positive outcomes for participants. All of our team are proudly NDIA registered which means our services are available to all NDIS participants.

Exercise physiology treatment has been proven beneficial to a wide range of disabilities and conditions including: acute brain injury, amputations (congenital defects or trauma-related), autistic spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, mental illness (schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, dementia, obsessive-compulsive disorders), movement planning disorders, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, stroke, and more.

Falls Prevention – An effective falls prevention program is a combination of balance, spacial awareness, and gait. Falls can be the cause of significant injury, regardless of your age. An exercise program to improve the above 3 areas will help to reduce your risk of a fall and subsequent injury.


Arthritis: Our team can provide a tailored treatment plan to help with the management of all forms of arthritis (including: rheumatoid and osteoarthritis as well as gout and polymyalgia rheumatica). Exercise and physical activity has been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of arthritis and we can provide a tailored exercise program to help all affected joints.

Cancer: Exercise Physiology treatment can help to reduce the symptoms of cancer treatment, reduce the risk of associated comorbidities, as well as reduce the risk and recurrence rate of multiple forms of cancer. Our exercise physiologists can develop an exercise program to suit you and your circumstances.

Cardiac: Cardiac rehabilitation programs are necessary following cardiac surgery and in many circumstance pre surgery exercise programs can be very beneficial. Our exercise physiologists can provide you with a science-based exercise program to improve the rehabilitation process after surgery or prior to surgery to reduce surgical risk.

Diabetes: Physical activity and exercise is vital in the management and prevention of both Type I and Type II Diabetes. A structured exercise program to help reduce insulin resistance, increase blood glucose uptake and manage your metabolic health will be beneficial, and can be designed by our exercise physiologists.

Kidney Disease: Regular exercise has been proven to be beneficial for sufferers of kidney disease and can reduce the negative side-effects of treatment. A tailored and professionally structured exercise program can be provided by our exercise physiologists.

Mental Health: Our team embrace and utilize the positive effects of exercise in the management of all mental health disorders. Many studies have proved the benefits of exercise and physical activity in the management of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia, Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and many more.

Musculoskeletal: Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders can be treated, managed, and prevented by specific exercise. Our exercise physiologists can provide treatment in the form of an exercise program. These programs can help to improve function, rehabilitate existing injuries, prevent future injury and be part of the rehabilitation process post-surgery. Our team can also provide exercise before surgery to improve recovery rates and surgical outcomes.

Neurological: Exercise physiology treatment can assist in the rehabilitation and management of most neurological conditions and disorders (including stroke, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathic disorders, and chronic pain syndromes). Our team understand the signs and symptoms to safely provide an effective, science-based exercise program.

Respiratory: We are experienced in prescribing exercise programs aimed at managing and improving cardiopulmonary conditions and disease. Graded exercise programs and physical activity have known benefits toward respiratory health and pulmonary function.

Are you pain-free, performing all the activities you would like to, and living your best life?

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