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Physically Active’s Exercise Physiologists travel to the below locations to provide exercise physiology services. Suburbs other than those listed below can be arranged via special appointment.

Alice Creek, Barambah, Benair, Booie, Boyneside, Bullcamp, Cherbourg, Coolabunia, Cooranga, Cushnie, Dangore, Diamondy, Elgin Vale, Gordonbrook, Glan Devon, Haly Creek, Inverlaw, Ironpot, Kunioon, Kumbia, Mannuem, Manyung, Memerambi, Moffatdale, Murgon, Nanango, Sandy Ridges, Taabinga, Tingoora, Wattle Camp, Wilkesdale, Woondai, Wooroolin, Wyalla.

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Physically Active is a team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP's) who strive to provide an innovative science-based approach to prevent, treat and manage chronic disease and injury, as well as treat physical and psychological conditions through exercise prescription and programming. Our university qualified AEP’s are passionate about keeping up to date with science-based health and fitness research to help you achieve your health and fitness results as soon as humanly possible.

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