Established in 2012
on the Sunshine Coast

Lifestyle Enhancements

Our team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists provide exercise programs to enhance your lifestyle and improve your well-being. We believe everyone should be living their best life possible – performing at your genetic best with as minimal pain and limitation as possible.

Through postural assessment and functional movement analysis, our team can identify and help you correct any imbalances or inefficiencies which are present. Our team design individual exercise programs that are implemented in a safe, smart and effective manner.

A specific exercise program and physical activity have been proven to increase your energy, improve your mood, reduce stress and improve overall physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you’re inactive, have just started exercising more, or have been exercising for years – our team can help you implement physical activity into your life or fine-tune your current exercise regime to help you achieve your goals.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists / Exercise Scientists can help reduce the risk of suffering a musculoskeletal injury, as well as manage and rehabilitate any injuries that have already occurred. We are trained to take a holistic approach to injury management; aiming to not only treat an injury but help identify the underlying causes leading up to the injury.

Muscle imbalances and altered weight bearing are some of the leading causes of musculoskeletal injury in sports, recreational activities and activities of daily living. Through postural and functional analysis, we can identify and correct any functional movement issues to reduce your injury risk. Correct muscle activation and functional movement patterns ensure that joints are moving correctly, muscles are working under correct loads and producing forces in the correct direction. Ensuring there is correct muscle balance between left and right, anterior and posterior as well as upper and lower body greatly reduces your injury risk.

Previous injuries and chronic muscle imbalances can lead to left and right sided imbalances, greatly increasing the chance of future injury if not addressed. When treatment is aimed toward rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, we not only ensure you return to the activities you enjoy. We also prescribe exercise to ensure that correct muscle balance, movement patterns and weight bearing is completed during all activities to reduce your risk and recurrence of injury

Are you pain-free, performing all the activities you would like to, and living your best life?

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We guarantee to improve your health and provide you with the necessary information for you to reach your goals