Established in 2012
on the Sunshine Coast

Is shoulder pain limiting you from performing at your best?

Some education & a few basic exercises could help you
get closer to training at your potential

The Physically Active Suite on the ground floor of The Sports Hub (Unit 5 of 26 Main Drive, Bokarina) is the combination of multiple local health businesses, working as one to provide a greater service to you. The professions compliment each other nicely, especially when we are positioned between physiotherapy and osteopathy clinics. Whether you are looking for one particular service, or would like to improve yourself in a more holistic manner, The Sports Hub is your answer. Inside the Physically Active suite you can find the below services:

Are you pain-free, performing all the activities you would like to, and living your best life?

We guarantee to improve your health and provide you with the necessary information for you to reach your goals